At Hope Integrative Psychiatry each person receives a comprehensive assessment of the impact of genetics, temperament, early childhood experiences and trauma, current behaviors and lifestyle, along with a deep inquiry to assess your unique strengths, belief systems and coping style.


Knowing all the relevant factors helps us create an integrative plan that is comprehensible for all members of your healing community to support you in restoring your health. We have created a multi-modal team approach that communicates and coordinates their support for you. By you addressing all parts of who you are, with the support of a caring community in our team, we believe you can achieve complete recovery.

Healing in 3 stages:

Acute Interventions

To provide immediate symptom relief and restore a sense of control and function to your life

  • nutritional support to restore neurotransmitter balance
  • herbal and nutritional remedies to replenish your core vitality
  • technology based treatments (i.e.,neurofeedback)
  • possible use of psychopharmacology as a last resort

    Integration Phase

    A return to your innate wisdom and optimal capacity for healing

    • Compassion and Mindfulness training to expand your capacity to experience difficult emotions without overwhelm or shutting down
    • Healing unresolved emotional grief and trauma
    • Teaching skills such as breath work, yoga and exercise to regulate stress more effectively
    • Addressing your physical resilience such as rest and sleep, inactivity, gut and adrenal health, and eating clean, whole foods
    • Helping you develop your inner spiritual life to align your choices with your unique sense of purpose and inner drive
    • Supporting your capacity to form deep and loving relationships

Living with Integrity

Lifestyle Cultivation : this is the most important step, where we help you take full responsibility for how you live, the food you ingest, your emotional balance, your spiritual development, and the integrity of your relationships through sustainable practices that foster your wholeness for a lifetime.