At Hope we believe in people’s ability to achieve complete recovery. The key is to help people see how everything from our biology and early childhood experiences, to our current behaviors and lifestyle are interconnected and best understood through a holistic lens. From there, teaching the skills of how to regulate all these parts of who we are with integrity is our team’s primary goal.

In our model we start by assessing your needs and developing an easily understood, purposeful, and personalized plan. We do this in order to give you and anyone you are working with a guide to reaching complete recovery efficiently, and with you in control.

Physician’s Role:

  • Physicians act as educators first, to help you understand how to restore your nervous system’s chemical balance naturally if possible – through a balanced lifestyle of sleep, exercise, nutritional food, a healthy gut, rest, play and adequate time in nature.
  • For symptom relief your Physician can employ the empirically validated uses of herbal, nutritional and aromatherapies to minimize or prevent the need for psychoactive medications. Psychoactive medication use is an option, but only when absolutely necessary.


  • Individual Psychotherapies committed to healing through empowerment and transformative experiences to restore your self reliance.
  • Couples and Family Psychotherapies that honor our fundamental nature as inter-dependent beings.

Resilience Building:

  • Spiritual Counseling to awaken the energy and intention needed to undergo transformational change
  • Lifestyle & Wellness Coaches using the Science of Ayurveda
  • Yoga, Breath-work and Mindfulness Meditation to build self regulation skills.
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback technologies that can help you train your nervous system back to its natural rhythms.


  • Therapeutic Bodywork to help heal trauma with the safe use of touch.
  • Massage for stress relief

Community As Medicine

An innovation of the Hope model is our commitment to utilizing community as a valid and integral treatment component of true transformational healing. We are developing programs for our clients and community that will focus on topics such as:

  • decreasing the use of psychotropic medication
  • creating opportunities for connection & maintaining healthy relationships
  • the role of food & lifestyle in well-being
  • how to invite contemplative and spiritual practices into one’s daily self-care
  • what are building blocks for transformation in the modern world