Alexa Altman

My style can best be described as gentle, nurturing, curious and open. One of my goals is to connect you to your own resilience and unique internal healing capacities. I strive to illuminate old and maladaptive strategies in order to establish new and more constructive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

My approach is holistic, utilizing the mind and body to understand and transform suffering into transformation. Symptoms are understood not as pathology, but as a body/mind response to difficult, life threatening or overwhelming situations. I have extensive knowledge in the physiology and neurobiology of trauma, threat, and resilience. I provide a framework to understand suffering and symptoms from a perspective that is strength based. I highlight the survival based, instinctive strategies that are universal to being human. Your personal narrative is changed by deeply understanding and confronting how we experienced life’s biggest challenges. The powerful impact of this work is a deep sense of resilience and confidence to face oneself, relationships and life to the fullest.

After earning her doctorate with a emphasis in Health Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Altman furthered her education and earned Post Doctoral training in mind/body medicine and pain management.

Dr. Altman began her private practice in 2003. In addition to private practice, she serve on the clinical staff at Bridges to Recovery Residential Treatment Center, where she lead a Trauma Resiliency Skills group and created a 3 day Trauma Intensive Workshop entitled, “Restoring Authentic Presence”.

Dr. Altman trained as a child and family therapist at ENKI services, and worked as an intervention facilitator at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute with an emphasis in Mind/Body medicine.

However, the biggest influence on her clinical approach draws from extensive training in mind/body interventions such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Biofeedback and Mindfulness Meditation. For more information or  323.788.1834

Nicholas Brüss

I practice as a licensed psychotherapist, as a meditation teacher and as the director of Compassion LA, a Los Angeles­-based nonprofit.

My presence-centered and body-based approach grows clients’ attunement with their inner knowing. Anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs and trauma are calling (or screaming) for our attention and are awaiting liberation. This work brings about a felt sense of relaxation, aliveness and belonging. I am a leading Internal Family Systems therapist in Los Angeles, and was connected to Hope Integrative Psychiatry by William Randle, LCSW, a big and wise-hearted LA-based trauma expert.

Preceding my formal training in psychology were my living questions: What’s true? And How to live a meaningful life? I began practicing meditation in 2002. I teach the heavily researched Mindfulness-­Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program through InsightLA, and am a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Through the Center for Compassion, Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University School of Medicine, am a certified teacher of Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) and I was invited and trained to teach Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) by its founders.

Hope Integrative Psychiatry is uncovering and fostering the roots of well being (Spoiler Alert: It’s connection). We as individuals and communities suffer from varying degrees and types of disconnection, from our bodies, our neighbors, our awe, our inner wisdom. Here at Hope Integrative Psychiatry we are developing a new paradigm of healing, truly integrative and sustainable practices and education toward communal health through nurturing inner and outer connection. For more information or 310.893.3585

Anjali Deva
Director & Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner, yoga teacher and director at Hope Integrative Psychiatry. I am also greatly fortunate to have been introduced to these modalities at a young age from my father. Since that time, I have received training through Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Loyola Marymount’s Yoga and the Healing Sciences Program, and with influential teachers like Ashwin Sastry, Devi Mueller, Claudia Welch and Robert Svoboda both here in the United States as well as in India. My passion began in the kitchen with a desire to understand how the food we eat influences our bodies and minds. This passion has now grown to include helping people find their inner wisdom, clarity and health through the wisdom of Ayurveda, a traditional medicine system. Through self-care practices like dietary and lifestyle changes, yoga, and meditation, I hope to help people find their inner harmony and resilience.

My dream is to create a greater consciousness and community in all practices of wellness, a shared dream with Omid Naim who I met in 2014. Since this synchronistic meeting, our desire to build a healing center established in the nourishment of community has grown into a realization. Healing in community allows us to connect with ourselves and one another on a deeper and more meaningful level, and this is the spirit in which we hope to infuse our interactions at Hope Integrative Psychiatry. As the director of Hope Integrative Psychiatry, it is my honor to welcome you to our community. For more information visit or 323.538.1778

Julie Fernandez

I am a yoga teacher and breath-work coach specializing in healing trauma, as well as, Clinical Assistant to Dr. Omid Naim. Yoga and breath-work are the tools I use to relieve and resolve the symptoms of trauma in the body and to regulate the nervous system. My compassionate approach centers on recognizing the strength within ourselves and shedding the judgements, guilt and shame that arise from unresolved traumas. Some of the conditions I work with are Complex, Developmental and Shock Traumas, Anxiety, Depression, Dissociative Disorders, as well as Eating Disorders.

My experience comes from working in domestic violence shelters and rape-crisis centers throughout New York City and Los Angeles, eating disorder centers, mental health wellness centers, and NYC’s Inner City schools working with at-risk teenage girls and disadvantaged youth. I received training with several organizations and teachers including: Trauma-Informed Yoga with Jenn Turner from The Trauma Center in Brookline, MA, Hala Khouri, M.A. and Kyra Haglund, ACSW in Santa Monica, CA, Dynamic Mindfulness with Niroga Institute and Outreach Yoga with Connection Coalition. In addition to my work with Hope Integrative Psychiatry, I am also the Southern California Program Manager for Exhale to Inhale, a non-profit organization which empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to reclaim their lives through the healing and grounding practice of yoga.

I connected with Hope Integrative Psychiatry while still living in New York and I was inspired by the team approach to wellness fostering our human need for connection and community. I came to Los Angeles to work collaboratively with Dr. Naim as my desire is to continue to empower others to uncover their natural capacity to heal finding wholeness through integration of body, mind and spirit. For more information please visit or (213) 761-7316

Kevin Kunkel

I am a somatic massage therapist, psychotherapist, and yoga instructor.

Within somatic massage therapy sessions, I use mindfulness, touch, and somatic techniques to help you gain mindful control of regulating your nervous system and the mental/emotional patterns that you may feel stuck in. I offer transformational sessions guiding you deeply into a restorative, resilient place within you. Or, I may draw upon the disciplines of massage, somatic and energy psychology, neuroscience, and trauma-focused therapies to foster your learning of more resilient ways of being in your body and responding to life.

As a psychotherapist, I offer a body-oriented, mindfulness based practice to gain insight, promote healing experiences, and give birth to a new pathway to emerge. Put simply: I use a gentle, yet directive approach to discover the tools most appropriate to decrease your symptoms and reach your goals. My biggest skill is the ability to hold the space for your mind-body system to balance and unfold.

In addition to being a licensed somatic psychotherapist and certified massage therapist, I am a certified yoga instructor, Structural Integration (like Rolfing) therapist, and certified in the Hakomi Techniques for Bodyworkers. I have a MA in Clinical Somatic Psychology and utilize somatic modalities of Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, and EFT Tapping to guide our work.

For nearly 20 years my personal and clinical focus has been on the intersection of the body and mind – how healing or focusing on one changes the other. Disconnection from our body is normal in today’s society and can be a major roadblock to effectively achieving health and wellbeing. Gaining mindful control of the reaction of our nervous system, experiencing deep states of relaxation, and deepening our connection to our heart and body are all truly important pieces in finding mental and physical wellbeing.

I also am a somatic therapist at the Akasha Center for Integrative Health and am the founder of the Center for BodyMind Healing in Venice which promotes practices focused on the intersection of healing the body and mind, as well as education on the role of working with the body to support mental health, and working with the mind to support physical health.

For more information you may visit or 310 691 9079

John Mekrut

I am the owner of The Balanced Brain Neurofeedback Training Center. My work at Hope Integrative Psychiatry is to employ neurofeedback and biofeedback technologies to help clients gain access and mastery over their subconscious brain activity. To provide stability and flexibility to your self regulation system. After many years as a talent representative in Hollywood, I transitioned into my current work with neurofeedback after seeing the transformative effect it had on my daughter, who has autism. The natural quality of the program, using the body’s own signals to cue it’s behavior and encourage self-regulation, was very appealing and prompted me to change careers and train at the world renowned Othmer Institute, where I continue my professional development to this day.

The insights provided by neuroscience over the last 30 years has confirmed that teaching the brain to observe its own behavior and make appropriate changes in its performance can have profound effects on how we consciously and subconsciously interact with the world. The Othmer Method that I use is the newest and most holistic approach to brain performance available today and seamlessly integrates with all the other modalities offered here at Hope Integrative Psychiatry. About 18 months ago a fortuitous phone call to me from Dr. Naim led to his exploration of neurofeedback technology and he immediately recognized its impact as a training program for physiological awareness and self regulation as well as psychological and spiritual exploration. The integration of neurofeedback self-regulation training into a comprehensive program of physical, mental and spiritual development has been a driving force in my work with clients and now I am able to put my expertise into practice with the dedicated group of like minded professionals at Hope Integrative Psychiatry.

I bring a variety of technologies to bear in the pursuit of mental, physical and spiritual health and an acknowledgment that they are all related. If you are struggling with symptoms of brain disregulation—anxiety, depression, inadequate focus and attention, sleep issues, emotional reactivity resulting from trauma (it’s a long list) then brain training is an important addition to your pursuit of wellness. The effortless recalibrating of your brains network dynamics and the resulting reconnection with your healthy subconscious self will yield permanent improvements in your life. For more information please visit The Balanced Brain Neurofeedback Training Center.

Jonathan Metter
MA, LMFT Psychotherapist

I am a psychotherapist and meditation instructor at Hope Integrative Psychiatry. My work is based on a desire to foster a compassionate environment of healing for others, and help them experience greater satisfaction in their lives. I have worked in residential, intensive outpatient, community clinic, school, and private practice settings, providing psychotherapy to a variety of adolescent and adult populations . I was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the prestigious Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills, CA. I received additional training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, directly from its founder Pat Ogden, PhD and founding trainer Kekuni Minton, PhD. This treatment modality enables me to help others increase their mind-body awareness, develop greater resources for emotional regulation, and process unresolved traumas.

I have over seventeen years of personal experience and training in meditation, as well a degree in mindfulness-based Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University. I utilize the present-moment oriented, non-judgmental principles and techniques of mindfulness to support the healing processes of my clients. The foundation of my work is based on the understanding that one’s “symptoms” are ultimately transient, and one’s underlying ongoing nature is calm, open, and continually oriented towards health.

When I met Hope Integrative Psychiatry’s founder, Dr. Omid Naim, it was clear we had a strong connection. This connection was based on shared visions of the importance of using an integrated approach toward healing, and taking an individualized relational focus that honors a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual uniqueness within the context of his or her community.

As a member of Hope Integrative Psychiatry’s team, I seek to help forward a new model for wellness and psychiatric treatment that integrates cutting edge modalities, and ancient technologies for healing and growth. For more information 818-856-1136 or

adam2Adam Snider

I’m a psychotherapist and group facilitator at La Maida Institute. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Health Psychology and practice as a registered psychological assistant (PSB94023071).

My treatment approach is flexible, and utilizes evidence-based practices. Effective therapy can be brief and have long lasting effects, especially if individuals are willing to continue practicing self-care. My experience in a variety of clinical settings has given me opportunities to support diverse clients of many walks of life.

My work emphasizes the importance of psychological, biological and environmental contexts, and the relationship between them. Through collaborative dialogue and experiential practices such as mindfulness, I help people to discover and stay connected to their inherent resources and natural abilities for integration and health.

Roddy Suos

Hello, my name is Dr. Roddy Suos, and I am a clinical psychologist and coach. I have been in the helping professions since 2005. Currently, I am the Founder and Director of The Heights: Center for Counseling & Wellness. I am also affiliated with St. Mary Medical Center where I treat individuals with chronic and terminal illnesses. I received training at a number of facilities: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, community mental health clinics throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, and public schools. In addition to general psychotherapy I am trained in a number of specialized treatments: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, and Neurofeedback. In addition to being a psychologist, I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, rehabilitating individuals of all ages with speech, language, and cognitive impairments.

It was under Dr. Omid Naim’s training and mentorship that I came to be part of Hope Integrative Psychiatry. We shared the belief that mental health is not simply a function of intrapsychic issues but altogether grounded in our relationship to our communities, what we eat, and how we treat our bodies. In short, we believe that true healing requires an integrative and holistic treatment approach.

It is my hope that Hope Integrative Psychiatry will be a sanctuary for health and healing for all those who enter our doors. On behalf of Hope Integrative Psychiatry, we welcome you and look forward to being with you. For more information please visit or (310) 800-1442