At Hope Integrative Psychiatry we have designed an integrated team approach that is informed by the empirical science of IPNB. IPNB defines health as the ability to move through challenges with integrity and wholeness of all parts of who we are – heart, mind, body and behaviors. By learning the skills to regulate these inter-dependent parts we can maintain harmony within ourselves and sustain our well being.

  • We feel this in our body when we face things that scare us without becoming overwhelmed or freezing up.
  • We experience this in relationships when we can act with authenticity and integrity.
  • We know this in spirit when we make choices that are in alignment with our inner sense of purpose and leave us feeling energized.

This is a Paradigm Shift for Mental Health

This is a paradigm shift for mental health where we are promoting people taking control of their own care with skills based on the science of well-being. This departs from all modern mental health care, starting with Freud and psychoanalysis in the early 20th century focusing solely on early childhood experiences, through the biological and genetic advances of the last 30 years which was based on the false premise that chemical imbalances were the sole cause of mental illness.

What’s critical to appreciate is that all parts of who we are are relevant, including genetics and temperament, the impact of traumatic experiences, as well as the choices we make on how to live and cope with stress. In this new paradigm we are not fated to our genes or our life experiences. By responding skillfully, we can change our own nervous system’s resilience and tendencies, which means natural and authentic healing is possible.

The willingness to change and grow enables us to live with balance and integrity.

Having the tools for greater consciousness, we can choose to respond to any stressor with skill and intention. This is groundbreaking for Psychiatry because for the first time it is possible to create treatment plans that incorporate multiple approaches to healing that complement each other, informed by the science of Interpersonal Neurobiology.