What is Integrative Psychiatry?

Integrative Medicine

Offering a more holistic and patient centered approach to health care, Integrative Medicine combines mainstream medicine with natural and alternative options wherever there is scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.
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– Interpersonal Neurobiology

Emerging Neurobiology research is confirming what most traditions have always understood: that we are shaped by our relationship to others, what we put in our bodies, and by our environment, and that well-being is dependent on our capacity to integrate our experiences in a harmonious way.
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My Expertise & Philosophy

The central process for everyone is based on the idea that there exists a state of harmony we can cultivate between our unique nature and our day-to-day lifestyle, which ultimately leads to not just being symptom free, but thriving in this life.
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What to expect

My work is dedicated to helping people achieve mental, emotional and spiritual well being. In our first appointment we will create a holistic formulation and a treatment plan that is tailored to each person’s unique needs, discussing all possible natural approaches and lifestyle change before considering medication.

To be most effective I believe my role as a physician is to build a trusting relationship that puts my patient at the center of all treatment decisions, fully informed and empowered to decide what they need best. My utmost priority is to help my patients get practical stability back in their lives, and to feel empowered to decide what they need best. I ultimately believe people have the capacity to be self reliant, recover and heal completely.

I am trained to work with adults, children and adolescents.
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Nutrition and Gut Health Nutritional deficiency and poor gut health have been shown to impact healthy brain functioning and play a significant role in stress, fatigue, depression, moodiness and anxiety.

Health Promotion in Nature An abundance of research supports age old wisdom, that spending time in nature is a wonderful way to promote our emotional, physical and spiritual well being, and bring more harmony in to our lives.

Environmental Safety Toxins in our food, air, land and water supplies have been found to have serious effects on our health, including attention problems, stress, and anxiety. Being informed and empowered locally is possible.

Stress & Health Understanding the body’s stress response and learning how to modulate it with our breath, movement and meditation is the single most powerful tool for handling modern life’s difficult life challenges, healing any trauma, and recovering from any illness.

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