What is Integrative Psychiatry?

Integrative Medicine


Offering a more holistic and patient centered approach to health care, Integrative Medicine combines mainstream medicine with natural and alternative options wherever there is scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.
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– Interpersonal Neurobiology

Emerging Neurobiology research is confirming what most traditions have always understood: that we are shaped by our relationship to others, what we put in our bodies, and by our environment, and that well-being is dependent on our capacity to integrate our experiences in a harmonious way.
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The Hope Integrative Psychiatry Model
The Hope model integrates insights from wisdom traditions and Interpersonal Neurobiology to empower people to become their own expert and awaken their innate capacity to heal using a multi-modal team approach.
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What to expect

At Hope Integrative Psychiatry each person receives a comprehensive assessment of the impact of genetics, temperament, early childhood experiences and trauma, current behaviors and lifestyle, along with a deep inquiry to assess your unique strengths, belief systems and coping style.

A holistic formulation is developed that pieces together all these relevant factors into a narrative that is comprehensible, manageable and meaningful. This formulation forms the basis of your personalized treatment by a team that is uniquely designed for you to accomplish your transformation and complete recovery efficiently.

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Our Team

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La Maida Institute

la-maidaThe final phase in our vision is the La Maida Institute, a first of its kind model in a communal setting whereby a more affordable and comprehensive health care model can be tested and studied. Our vision for La Maida is to build on our current team model of integrative & transformational treatments to design a complete preventive health program in a community setting. The goal is to bring an age-old approach to a preventive health care model by fostering group programs, supporting dialogue and teaching people how to support one another better. This notion of communal health should not be surprising since that is how we as humans have always healed emotionally and spiritually, in shared experiences that bring us together to support each other with wisdom, and support each other as an interdependent community.

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